It’s Dodger blue, not green

The Dodgers’ blue uniforms were changed to green on Memorial Day weekend.

When it comes right down to it, I’m as patriotic as the next guy — providing the next guy isn’t wearing a red, white and blue Uncle Sam hat, is twirling sparklers, humming Stars and Stripes Forever and is playing baseball, eating hot dogs and apple pie and driving a Chevrolet.

I’m patriotic, just quiet, you know?

I get a little shy about all this kind of thing. I would be mortified to be a delegate at a political convention, where apparently the primary qualification is dressing as flamboyantly and behaving as boorishly as possible.

Not only would I have trouble being this kind of person, I have trouble being around this kind of person. Not that I’m all that judgmental about them, I just feel embarrassed around them. Embarrassed for them, I guess.

That’s why I’m always a little squeamish when Major League Baseball teams decide to wear special uniforms on special holidays, such as Memorial Day. Teams are wearing uniforms with green, Army-style lettering, caps, insignia and even socks.

A look on social media would appear to show these uniforms, which are being worn all Memorial Day weekend, are very popular with fans, if not with critics. But for some reason, they make me a little uncomfortable.

I think most of the players like them, but I’m always worried some crazy left-handed pitcher (it’s always the left-handers) will rebel against them and cause some scene that makes everyone feel awkward and needlessly turns that guy into some pariah, kind of like Colin Kaepernick.

It may not be that the left-hander hates our country; maybe he just has an oversized aversion to green. But one false move and poof, he becomes a traitor.

These are the kinds of things that go through my mind. It’s crowded in here.

Aesthetics have a lot to do with it, too. The Cardinals and the Reds just should not be wearing green. The Athletics should wear green, but not Army green. And it’s Dodger blue, not Dodger green.

And no one should be wearing pink, even on Mother’s Day. Sorry, Mom.


Now, while wondering if the new rompers fad will make its way to Major League Baseball, here’s a look at the week just past:

  • Are the NBA Finals over yet? What, they don’t even start until Thursday? Well, OK. I needed something to do this summer anyway.
  • It’s Golden State vs. Cleveland for a third straight time in the NBA Finals. It’s the first time the NBA has had the same two teams play three times in a row for the championship. Just to show you how rare it is for the same two teams to meet for a pro championship in three consecutive seasons, the last time it happened in Major League Baseball was 1921-23 with the New York Giants and New York Yankees. The last time it happened in the NHL was 1954-56 with the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings. The only time it happened in the NFL was in 1952-54 with the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns.
  • The Boston Celtics played in 10 straight NBA Finals from 1957 to 1966. Seven of those were against the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers and three were against the St. Louis Hawks, but none was three in a row.
  • Worthless prediction: Warriors will win in seven.
  • It takes a special kind of person to drive IndyCars, perhaps even more so than in NASCAR. Having no roof on your car seems like much more of a daredevil act. Seeing Scott Dixon and Jay Howard both walk away from their horrific crash at the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday and later talk so matter-of-factly about it afterward is proof of just how cool-handed these guys are.
  • Meanwhile, at Concord, N.C., Austin Dillon won the Coca-Cola 600 by having just a little more gasoline in his tank than runner-up Jimmie Johnson. Not only did Johnson run out of gas, he also refused to ask for directions.
  • Tiger Woods being arrested on a DUI charge Monday in Florida shows just how far his life has fallen, let alone his career, from the ultra-confident, dominant person he was a few years ago.
  • Another worthless prediction: The Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup Final in six games over the Nashville Predators.
  • The NHL calls its championship series the “Final” and the NBA calls its series the “Finals.” The NBA is right. If it’s more than one game, it’s plural. If it were just one game, it would be singular. So there.
  • Without Mike Trout, who sprained his thumb Sunday, the Angels won’t be much worth watching at all.
  • It’s great news to hear that Tommy Lasorda, equipped with a new pacemaker, is out of the hospital.
  • It’s sad to hear of the passing Monday of sports writer Frank DeFord at 78. His writing, quite frankly, was often too schmaltzy and full of himself for my taste, but he was the master of the feature Sports Illustrated story, where he worked from 1962 to 1989 and again from 1998 until his death. He was also an essayist for NPR’s Morning Edition and HBO’s Real Sports. In 1990, he was editor in chief of The National, the nation’s first, and only, all-sports newspaper. It closed a year later.

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